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In June 2023, Blizzard released the fourth installment of the "Diablo" series, one of their most popular gaming series. After a ten year gap between game releases, Blizzard wants to make this release more monumental, with a hellishly good time. Welcome To Hell. 

A three-phase activation ending in an exclusive event in which Blizzard will take over an abandoned church and turn it into the gates of Hell.
lawyer billboard mockup copy.gif
In Phase One, a series of street billboards will be released. Each of these upon first look, seem inconspicuous. Once a slightly longer look is taken, there are slightly off, uncomfortable, gruesome elements hiding within the image. Each poster will have Easter eggs for fans of the franchise, as well as a CTA encouraging folks to go to a site up for this specific activation. These are more targeted at folks who are not only fans, but those who tend to pay extra attention to their surroundings. 
burger bus stop.jpg
burger bus stop mock up.png
In Phase two, OOH advertising is escalated with large-scale billboards which will have one image during the day, but an entirely different image
juxtaposed overtop of it via UV paint. 
day_night lawyer.jpg
day_night burger.jpg
In Phase Three, Blizzard will take over an abandoned Cathedral in Detroit and turn it into a gateway into the hellish world of Diablo. For Those who can't make the event, there will be another church revamped into a demonic airbnb for rent. 
reference image 3_edited.jpg
Reference Image 5_edited.jpg
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Copywriter: Alex Huibsch

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